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What is AWM Cable?

AWM Cable means appliance dedicated cable, usually is known as UL approval cable.

All AWM Cable use (only) very high purity copper wires as conductors.

Higher purity of copper conductors is very important to ensure good and stable electrical performance.

It is very environmental and eco-friendly product.

As the popular & important product in the categories of cable and wire, AWM Cable could be classified into custom AWM cable and standard AWM cable.

AWM Cable use very high quality jacket materials, not only for straight single and multi-core cable, but also available for the spring spiral cable.

What kinds of insulation / jacket materials can be suitable to make the AWM Cable?

There are usually couples of materials suitable to make the AWM Cable, such as:

PUR / Polyurethane

TPE / Thermoplastic Elastomer

FR-PE / Fire Resistant Polyethylene

XL-PE / Cross Linked Polyethylene

mPPE / Modified Polyphenylene Ether


Introduction of Product catalog of AWM Cable

There are many different types under the product catalog of AWM Cable, such as following:

UL Approval AWM Cable

Flexible AWM Cable

Multi-core AWM Cable